quinta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2008

Busy yet nostalgic... ocupada e nostalgica

Hoje foi dia de preparar as coisas para a escolinha do Rafa... ir ás compras, marcar as coisas...
O Rafael está feliz e eu... também, embora me tenha dado para ir remexer nas fotos menos recentes...
Parece ás vezes que foi à muito tempo... outras que foi ontém.
Today was a busy day, preparing things for Rafa's first day at school... I also got nostalgic and went through some of the photos i have from... oh, sometimes it seems like such a long time, and others, like yesterday...

Can't help but feeling like we're cutting another piece of that cord...

Não consigo evitar sentir que estamos a cortar mais um pedaçinho daquele cordão!

Entretanto... Meanwhile...

a bata leva uns ajustes... the bibe is getting ajusted...

7 comentários:

  1. I knew you would figure something out! Those animals are so cute!! He'll have the best bibe at school!

  2. He is so beautiful Zelia. I know what you mean. Someone else said on their blog that they sometimes get sad in September because it means another year is behind us. I miss my two young babies so much. How can she be a third grader now? Maybe my homeschooling time will be more cherished instead of scary if I think about your post. What are you doing with your free time?

  3. aw, what a sweet post! Hope the babe's first day of school went well!

  4. Os animais! Os animais do Rafa :O)
    Bom início desta nova etapa para todos vocês.
    Vai custar, mas vai ser bom, acredito!