segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2016

A piece of peace


While she poured the tea, i could feel the peace spread through the room. Oxitocyn. Diane smiled at me and i was just so grateful she toke me to this wonderful place.
There is so much going on in the world. Sometimes we tend to forget the wonderful people in it. 
She explained to us why she was taking the water from the pot, why the tea could not stay wet, as she poured it into our tiny cups. Her soft voice. The small temple in the next room. Emotions. 
I know i am such a cry baby, and boy i did feel the tears climbling up from my heart, but not in a sad way, just in a thankfull way, and as she told us about the artist that made what is hidden in these small packages i made today to keep them in, i knew i just had to bring a piece of this peace home, to my children, to myself, to a dear friend who understands my work and the inprint i would like to preserve in  it.
Maybe tomorrow i will show you. If you were there with me, please hush.

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